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I don't really reside here, but my brother and myself have owned the 13 plus acre site since 1979. Two homes can be built on the lot. Roughly half its perimeter is high bank waterfront forming a high knob between two bays overlooking Armitage Island and Thatcher Pass. Part of the 20 lots of the South Blakely Maintenance Association, this lot has water, utilities and an access road along its back property line buffered on the other side by a 90 acre common area. A community dock abuts its east end and the association has a resident caretaker to manage and watch the association's common interests. The association also enjoys access to both Horseshoe and Spencer Lakes. The view to east and south are truly spectacular and sweeping. As approximately 80 percent of the island is held in trust by Seattle Pacific University as an environmental research center, the population density and natural beauty of this island is forever ordained to be preserved and private. Except for the developed community on the north, with a marina and a small plane airstrip, covenants only allow for a maximum of sixty lots. 30 are around Thatcher Bay on the West and presently undeveloped, and 30 are on the South side of which the association represents 20 held by 17 owners. The lot is not presently listed but is for sale.

[PICTURE]About Blakely & the San Juans Uniquely located north of the Strait of Juan de Fuca, between Canada and Bellingham, San Juan County is comprised of 172 named islands and an additional 500 plus rocks and reefs. Most of the 175 square miles of land is massed on the five largest islands: San Juan, Orcas, Lopez, Shaw and Cypress. The next largest island is Blakely, encompassing 7 square miles roughly in the center of the island group. Unlike the four largest islands, Blakely is not served by regular ferry service. It does have both a marina and an airstrip for light planes. There are many unique features that make Blakely a singular place of interest. The biggest perhaps is the trust ownership of over 80% of the island by Seattle Pacific University that insures the preservation of its natural state. The highest point on the island is 1000 feet in elevation.


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