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Special Notice

Howard Snyder in Florida, a number of years ago, obtained Lora LaMance's personal copy of her book, "The House of Waltman". In it, she made all her hand written notes on information she received after the book was written. This copy is an absolute treasure. Howard has offered to make a limited number copies of this book available while they last for $30. Please contact Howard if you are interested in obtaining this unique copy of Lora'a work (Snail Mail: 10712 W. Beach Parkway, Lake Wales, FL 33853).

How this got started

When my mother died, I obtained some family books she had. One was Cora Hiatt's "The Chenoweth family" and the other "The House of Waltman", By Lora S. LaMance. These opened the door to me of the ancestors of my great grandparents, Dr. Albert W. Chenoweth and his second wife Laura Yonce pictured below.

[Laura Victoria Yonce]

Recently because of the listing of Waltman on my Family Tree page I have been contacted by a number of other Waltman descendants. We have pooled our databases and assembled these pages in hopes that others would join us in filling our the rich history of this family. I should just say Waltman Genealogist wanted!

Unfortuneately I have become so involved in the last number of years with Chenoweth genealogy, I have little time to participate in Waltman research. I invite you to contact other cousins listed. I have placed an asterisk by those whom I know to be active in genealogy.


Conrad Waltman, who founded this branch of Waltmans in America, was quite an interesting individual. Lora LaMance relates in her book an involved and detail story of Conrad's origins with links to the noble family of von Frundsberg. It is likely this story was passed down and probably embellished over time as part of the family Lore. Whereas most of the descendant American lines in her book have basis in fact, no research has confirmed the romantic story of Conrad's birth to nobility. With that in mind, Lora's story as presented is outlined below

Born about 1715 in Bavaria, Germany, Conrad was the son of Barbara von Frundsberg and her adopted brother Valentine Waltman. Conrad's Grandfather Count Hiram von Frundsberg and his wife had been childless after 18 years of marriage. On a hunting expedition, on Valentine's day he found a three-year old boy dressed in finery and velvet. This child is believed to have been the son of a Spanish grandee named Pedro who had been sent to Alsace to manage Spain's interests and had met with foul play by the hand of agents of Louis XIV of France. Hiram realizing the danger the boy was in, adopted him and gave him the name Valentine for the day he was found and Waldmann (the name was later altered to Waltman) for the fact that he had been found in a wald. Seven years later, Hiram and his wife had a natural daughter of their own who they named Barbara.

Family tradition gives these "Facts"

  1. That both Countess Barbara and her father Count Hiram were each the last and only one of the generation.
  2. That the family was a very wealthy one.
  3. That it was a scholarly line with poets and writers in it, and one of these author ancestors was a Barbara, in a day when women authors were unheard of, and another was a Conrad.
  4. There were also generals and famous soldiers in the line.
  5. That this family were close followers of Martin Luther himself.
  6. That they suffered terribly in the 30 Years War, only one male being left alive and he was a child.
  7. That they lived in Bavaria near the Black Forest and also were near Alsace and its capital Strassburg.
  8. That Valentine, the first Waltman, was of the purest Castlian (Spanish) blood, and of a high title if he had his rights.
  9. That his father was a victim of foul play, and political plotting, and the child was kidnapped by his father's friends in Alsace and smuggled across the border to Bavaria.
  10. That there he was adopted by a Count whose only daughter he afterwards married.
  11. That Waltman (Waldmann) was a "Made-up" name to conceal the child's real identity.
  12. That in some war or treaty after a war, Valentine lost his estate and title.

In 1700 poor, simple Charles II died. It was found that tricky LOUIS XIV, his worst enemy, had induced him to will his kingdom to Louis' grandson. The war of Spanish Succession immediately broke out. Valentine was vitally interested. If Spain won, Valentine could claim his title and estate. If Louis won he would never again regain either. This war lasted 13 years. Valentine was doubtless an officer in the war. before it was over with Valentine married his foster sister, Barbara. It was not an easy thing to do on account of the rigid law of 'Eden Burtig'. Old Count Hiram was nearing 80 and was anxious for a match. He went before the authorities and gave them confidential proof of whom Valentine really was. Objections were withdrawn and Barbara became his wife.

The War closed in 1713, three years after the marriage. Spain lost by treaty every inch of her hold in Alsace. With it went all Valentine's hopes....

Valentine and Barbara, raised together, fell in love and married. Two sons came of this marriage, Peter a cripple was the oldest and the heir to the von Frundsberg estate and Conrad.

Conrad was a spoiled child and a spoiled man. He eventually forsook his noble family and eloped with a commoner, Katherine Bierly, escaping to Holland and embarking to America. Shortly after arriving in the fall of 1738, they had twin daughters and settled in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. There would be twelve more children, one, Conrad, Jr. skipped in Lora LaMance's listing. He squandered his fortune. He refused pleas by his German family to return to Germany after the inevitable death of the childless Peter. He died insane. But he, and his 7 sons and several of this sons-in-law and a number of grandchildren all fought in the Revolutionary War. In total 27 individuals of this family saw service in this cause.

The family of Conrad is detailed in the Waltman Bible, which I understand is under glass at the University of North Carolina library at Chapel Hill, NC.

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This is an ongoing family search to located all possible lines of this family. An Asterisk denotes cousins I know to be active in genealogy

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There are a number of separate Waltman Families in the United States. I have listed comments and queries from those who have contacted me.

The Bavarian Family

The Origins of Conrad Waltman

Descendants of Hiram von Frundsberg
 1   Count Hiram von Frundsberg Abt 1639 - Abt 1713
  2   Barbara von Frundsberg 1685 - b in Bavaria, GERMANY
       +Valentine Waldmann 1678 - b abt 1675 in Strassburg, Alsace, FRANCE,
             adopted son of Count Hiram von Frundsberg , believed son of Count Pedro
      3   Peter Waldmann Abt 1712 - Abt 1715
      3   Conrad Waltman 1715 - 1796 b in Bavaria, Germany
           +Katherine Bierly 1718 - 1786 b in Bavaria, Germany

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